Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ECO DECORATING: Mod Green Pod Wallpaper

ECO DECORATING: Mod Green Pod Wallpaper for wall decor at your interior home design their products not just graphically gorgeous, but green in their materiality, completely free of vinyl, and use water-based inks on 100% certified organic cotton-based fabric. Mod Green Pod was founded by Lisa and Nancy Mims as a means to offer safer —and more fashionable— alternatives to conventional textile prints.

ECO DECORATING: Mod Green Pod Wallpaper1

Traditional wall coverings often use PVC, a harmful and toxic material that has been known to leech into the air, so buying toxin-free textiles is an important health consideration that can’t be ignored.

ECO DECORATING: Mod Green Pod Wallpaper2

We’ve had our eye on Austin-based company Mod Green Pod Wallpaper since we saw them a few years back at HauteGREEN. They are a member of the Organic Trade Association (OTA), which means they follow strict fiber principles and support global organic textile standards.
ECO DECORATING: Mod Green Pod Wallpaper3

From a purely aesthetic standpoint, they offer a chic collection of prints, including a new shade of Grand Jubilee, their signature print, coming out in a few weeks.


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