Saturday, January 31, 2009

Beautiful photographs taken by Swedish talent Anna Kern

Let’s look at some beautiful photographs taken by Swedish talent Anna Kern. I love how she captures light and makes you feel like you’re in the space enjoying these cozy rooms. To view more of her work please visit her online portfolio. When I look at these rooms I am reminded that Sweden is truly the bomb diggity.

Gorgeous women, amazing fashion sense, an excellent cafe culture, gorgeous cities, amazing coastline, beautiful accents, great design mags, friendly and supportive people, an off the hook health care system and the longest maternity leave ever… Heck, with the exception of their long, dark winters Sweden is near perfect.

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Modern Carpet Designs from Pachamama - leather rugs

Modern Carpet Designs from Pachamama - leather rugs ... the universe and eternity – the new Eclipse collection of leather rugs features 15 modern designs, all centered on the circle motif.

Designed by Cell DSGN for Pachamama, the Eclipse carpet home decorators collection includes the Cosmic and the Sunshine line, created to transform the ordinary into something quite extraordinary. No longer is a carpet just a carpet; the modern Eclipse designs delight even the most discerning tastes; modern art for the floor.

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I-Beam was asked by the internationally renowned artist, Shirin Neshat, to renovate her loft where Shirin and her family could live and work productively, and entertain their international artist friends and patrons.

We created a multi-functional yet open loft like space that accommodates both the private as well as the grand public space that serves social events, film screenings, private dinners and fund raising events. By repositioning the two small bedrooms that broke up the loft into dark and separate areas and relocating them to the back, a dramatic public space is created that is immediately entered upon stepping out of the elevator.
Large transoms at the dividing wall provides light to be filtered into the family room from the South and magnificently high arched windows in the front illuminates the public space during the day. In addition to the guest bathroom, a small master bathroom was created adjacent to the bedroom, with a secret vanity concealed into the new closet, whereby maintaining a spacious bedroom.
The minimal but functional kitchen, as the social center of the home decorator, is integral to the main space with plenty of storage cabinets and a long island bar that is used for informal family gatherings and heated debates. The bar also functions as a buffet for the fundraising events that these culturally magnetic clients are famous for hosting. The kitchen separates the formal living room area from the casual family room where a state of the art projector and sound system is incorporated into the walls for film screenings.

The dining area is defined by an ornate glass chandelier, a dramatic piece that animates the large open space and reflects Shirin’s personal style. The desks at the work area,are incorporated within the library and ribbon around three adjacent walls as vertical support that turn into shelving. The stained oak ribbon in contrast to the white shelves and cabinets, matches the floor. The 10” wide oak wood floor planks and the fourteen foot high ceiling as well as the big metal clad industrial sliding door that separates this loft from the adjacent building maintain the raw feeling of the old loft that was once part of the manufacturing district in Soho.

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Interior Decorating with White

Decorating with White. ... You can see how starting with an all-white room can free an interior home decorator to choose and play with color.

Interior decorating is the chance to reveal your personality and show case the bush furniture and accessories you have chosen.

Home decorator with white is one way to create drama and visually expand any room making you less conscious of walls and boundaries.

Like mirrors, white surroundings can make rooms look bigger and more modern, and the bush furniture and accessories seem to really pop against their back ground. Here are a few interior designs show casing the wonders of all white interior decorating.

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Contemporary Furniture for the Ultimate Home Decorating

Sample from the finest furniture and home decor providers-From Tiffany to Contemporary, we've got your style. For a bold and obviously tasteful home decorator there is no need to look past the Roche-Bobois home decorators collection of contemporary best furniture.

In the past Furniture Fashion has reviewed some outstanding new releases by the French manufacturer that have made our readers take note. The Marina Platform Bed by designer Sacha Lakic reveals predominate wood grains of wrap around Walnut wood panels and integrated night stands. A leather topped headboard adjusts to a comfortable position manually or electronically complimented by matching multilevel chest of drawers that doubles as a bench. Moving to the dining room, Daniel Rode accents his Vertigo dining table and buffet with striking Ebony veneers and contrasting matte Inox pedestal base. I really like expanding structural materials of this group that starts with a small base as if it were floating.

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Italian Home Decor with Formenti of Italy

I always enjoy the inspiring designs of Italian home decorator. Today I spent time looking through the latest sofas from Formenti of Italy. Needless to say I was most impressed by their designs.

Often times at bush furniture Fashion, it can be a challenge to find interior design pieces that are new and fresh. Formenti of Italy impressed me by not only their innovative shapes, but their color combinations as well.

I must tell you that their website is in Italian only and a bit difficult to navigate. Conversely, I have no idea as to where their products can be purchased outside of Italy.

Though we try to always show where to get items, I think it is beneficial to see cool furniture pieces to get ideas about what will work in your own home decorator.

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Fresh Fall Home Decorating Ideas

Fresh Ideas Herald Fall Decorating. by ARA Content on Wednesday, Environmental Graphics has been designing these home decorator-enhancing.

If you don't have black home furnishings furniture, try black table cloths and slip-covers with white/cream piping or tie-backs. The candles in the background with pumpkin faces are a great project to do with your family. Just get black new home construction paper and cut out the shapes for the eyes, nose and mouth, and use stick glue or a rubber cement to adhere them to a large candle.

The same principle as above applies to the home furnishings furniture. Real pumpkin lanterns can be used in place of the candles, and a photo of a creepy house in your area can be taken to a large print shop to create the back drop. A cozy fire and soft textiles are essential to autumn nap taking. These, as well as a few decorative additions like the magnolia branches on the mantle and the subtle use of branch motifs help change this space from a well appointed room, to a favorably seasonal one.

The twig motif is in this season, not difficult to find, and is definitely a fall favorite. Fire screens protect our homes from any stray embers that spark, and should complement the fireplace, both in style and in scale. A good quality leather chair is a bonus, but any chair that is snug and welcoming can be used, changing the current color to a seasonal hue is easy to do with slip-covers. Add a fluffy pillow and a soft throw into the mix, set it in front of a warm fireplace, and snooze your Sunday away. All styles can handle this kind of home decorator, and adding candlelight only enhances the simplistic beauty of a table setting done right.

Dark wood tables look beautiful, but if you don't have the right shade of wood or don't have a wood table at all, use a colorful/patterned tablecloth to create an autumn setting. Warm colored cushions or slip-covers can be used to enhance the look of your chairs. Purple and orange add a lovely contrast to the setting, but simple white pottery stands out to contrast against all of the colors to create visual interest. Hanging candlelit pendants are shown in this space, but glass/crystal hurricanes can be set on the table to achieve the same look.

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15 Amazing Home Decorating Ideas and Modern Pictures

For the last few weeks I have been holding 15 amazing home decorator ideas that have wonderful pictures geared for modern design themes. I have not been real sure how to put them into an article until today.

My idea is to share the images so that you can get ideas about bush furniture, accessories, colors, and decorative touches that may work in your living room, dining room, home decorator and office, or bedroom.

For me, visuals offer many new ideas as well as affirmation of my own home decorator beliefs. That is why it is so great following other blogs to see what my peers are writing about. These pictures come from Cappellini Furniture whose catalog impressed me so much by the wonderful room pictures and backdrops for their products. I hope that you enjoy these home decorating ideas as much as I do and find a new product that may be what your home decorator is missing.

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Mosaic and Glass Tiles by Bisazza Mosaico

Bisazza, a world leader in luxury mosaic tiles for interior and exterior design, offers a wide selection of decorative mosaic and glass mosaic tiles. Bisazza Mosaico has quite a home decorators collection of glass and mosaic tiles for floors and walls in need of some real pizzazz.
Bisazza has tapped the wealth of creative talents of designers like Jaime Hayon and Carlo Dal Bianco to create a simply stunning series of wall and floor tiles with motifs and themes from floral to contemporary in muted to extremely vibrant colors. Their patterned "Glass Tiles" are the first to feature glass chip mosaic and inlaid motifs designed with computers and laser cut allowing the computerized design to be transferred to the inlaid tiles.

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