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Apartment Refurbishment

Apartment Refurbishment in A. Vespucio-Enrique Browne
Apartmens Antuninska - Dubrovnik, private accommodation..Apt IV sleeps (2+1) persons and also undergone a full refurbishment. ... Apartment 3 (One dbl bed, 1 twn sofa bed, liv/kitch, sh, wc. a/c, Safe, ...By Nico Saieh — Filed under: Interiors , Refurbishment , Selected , Chile, Enrique Browne, Residential, Wood

Architects: Enrique Browne y Asociados Arquitectos
Location: Santiago, Chile
Collaborators: Hernán Fontaine, Agustín Infante & Nicolás Saieh
Project year: 2007-2008
Constructed Area: 294 sqm
Contractor: Empresa Constructora Mena e Infante
Photographs: Felipe FontecillaThe

Project is the transformation of a 20 year old apartment in a historicist building. Since it´s located in the 6th floor, it has excellent views to the west guaranteed. The remodeling considered a program different from its original, plus a guest room. This and other reasons influenced in the desire of generate bigger and more integrated spaces.

The possibilities of intervention were very restrictive because: a) It was a requirement to keep the exterior untouched; b) Almost all the walls were of structural reinforced concrete, making it hard to modify and; c) the floor-ceiling height was very low.The proposal integrates and magnifies the spaces as possible.

For example, by unifying the living room and the dining room or by making the bedrooms bigger. The spatial quality and variety is achieved with wooden bands in the ceiling that unite the spaces, hid the beams, illumination and other fittings. These bands descend to the floor in certain doors, connecting the ceiling to the floor. Another descends to the table of the dining room.In the kitchen an inverse treatment was used. A red ceramic band climbs from the floor to the table and stove and it returns to the floor again. The changing natural and artificial light gives variety to spaces. The bathrooms had a special treatment with wood to give them warmth.


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